Replacing Misted Double Glazing:

When double glazing units get older they start to deteriorate, just as all other parts of your home do. The odds are that this will happen after your manufacturer's warrantee has expired. What is the solution?

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Essentially you have four options:

  1. Do nothing and live with the condensation problem »
  2. Try to repair the damage yourself or via a third party glazing service »
  3. Replace your double glazing completely »
  4. Replace the damaged glazing units professionally »

What if I do nothing?

Apart from the obvious spoilt view from your window, condensation will continue to build up resulting in the silica beads becoming saturated and retaining moisture which cannot escape. This can lead to mould as well as a small reservoir of water building up within the sealed unit, and eventually irreparable damage to your window and surrounding areas.

Repairing the damaged unit(s)

You can attempt to repair the 'broken down' units yourself, or with the help of a third party glazier. Although on the surface this may appear to be a money-saving option, it is a false economy. There are a few techniques that have been tried (ranging from 'popping' the seals to dismantle the unit and replace the saturated beads, to drilling holes in the glass and adding air vents). At best these are very short-term options, and at worst they are a waste of time and can do more harm than good.

Replacing your double glazing

This is the obvious solution for some people. After all, you end up with brand new windows and a brand new manufacturer's guarantee. If you are not worried about money, or the upheaval and inconvenience of having your windows replaced entirely, this may be for you. But please read on first...

Professional replacement of damaged units

24-7 Glass & Glazing can replace your damaged glazing unit(s) as needed, leaving the original frame(s) in place. We can replace like for like, or upgrade your dated unit to a more modern energy-efficient unit if you wish. All at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire frame and with a lot less mess and distraction. Our replacement units also come with a 5 year guarantee.

Glass and glazing services Glass and glazing services

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